Cross-border Moves

Moving to the United States

Moving to and from the United States could be an easy process if all paperwork is provided and submitted on time and complete. Your moving consultant will be happy to help you with this information. Goods will be cleared prior to crossing the border in case any problems arise.

For Canadian Citizens, the following documents are required for moving to the USA:

  • Copy of your visa (work or study)
  • Copy of ‘offer of employment letter’
  • Copy of front page from your passport clearly showing your photograph
  • Other photo identification if you do not have a passport (e.g. driver’s license)
  • The Treasury Form #3299 of the United States (we will provide you the form and help you fill it out)

For returning U.S. Citizens who resided in Canada, these documents are required:

  • Copy of American passport / Birth Certificate
  • The Treasury Form #3299 of the United States
All personal household goods are permitted to enter duty-free by declaring that they have been used for at least one year. The defined household goods that are defined by U.S. Government are all furniture, carpets, tableware, linens and paintings and other household used goods.

Further information can be found by visiting:

Moving to Canada

Atlantic Van Lines in required by the Canadian law to place your goods ‘in bond’ once the goods have cross the border into Canada. Once this happened, the owner of the goods must clear the goods in person. When everything is completed, we will arrange for a delivery for your goods and bring them to your new location.

The following documents are/can be required upon clearance:
  • Work Visa
  • Employer Letter of Intent
  • Passport or Birth Certificate
  • Photo Identification
  • Marriage Certificate if spouse has different name
If there are any duties, fees or taxes owing, you will be required to pay these monies before goods are released. Cheque, cash or credit cards (Visa/MasterCard) are accepted.
For more information, you can visit either the Citizenship or Immigration Canada Website at www.cic.gc.caor Canada Customs and Revenue Agency at